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Automation Panda is a blog about software, testing, and (most importantly) automation from my own career experiences.  I hope to make this blog both a personal journal for my professional growth as well as a valuable information resource for others.  Please comment, share, and subscribe!

About Me

My name is Andrew Knight, and I’m a software engineer and test automation expert. I’ve spent years doing software development, all kinds of testing, some compiler theory, and even databases.  My main programming languages are Python, Java, C#, and Perl, but I have worked with others and can pick up new ones quickly.

Currently, I am employed by LexisNexis in Raleigh, NC.  In the past, I have also worked for MaxPoint, NetApp, and IBM.  I hold a Computer Science BS/MS from RIT.  In September 2016, I delivered a talk entitled “Testing is Fun in Python!” at PyData Carolinas 2016 (with a video recording). I also have publications on indexing uncertain data through RIT, LAP, and IEEE. Unrelated to software, my wife and I also operate Reformed Menswear and Light Box Photo. Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter!


Please contact me if you are interested in my consulting services. I can provide training and expertise on development, testing, automation, BDD, Agile, and more!

Why Pandas?

My wife and I both adore pandas. Plus, she is from China. All of the photos on the site pages are from our trips to China together.

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