My New GitHub Account: AutomationPanda

I’m changing my GitHub account from AndyLPK247 to AutomationPanda!

My original GitHub username is “AndyLPK247“. I created it long before I became the “Automation Panda.” However, I’d like my GitHub account to match the name of my blog ( and my Twitter handle (@AutomationPanda). Using the same name across platforms makes it easier for folks to recognize my work. Plus, I’m writing a book, and I want the links printed in the book to reference Automation Panda.

Therefore, I created a new GitHub account named “AutomationPanda“. (Actually, I created it a while ago to reserve it, just in case I ever wanted to make a change.) I decided to create an entirely new account instead of simply changing my existing account’s username because I’ve created many materials – articles, videos, and courses – that link to my “AndyLPK247” account. If I were to change that username, then many of those links would break. (GitHub’s docs state that repository links would redirect to the new username, but links to gists and to the old name itself would break.)

From this moment forward, I will use “AutomationPanda” as my primary GitHub account. I intend to create all my new repositories under “AutomationPanda” while preserving existing repositories under “AndyLPK247”. Maintaining two GitHub accounts will be a bit of a hassle, but I think it is the best strategy for my situation. Over time, the new account will supersede the old.

If you’d like to watch me gain my green tiles back, be sure to follow me at!

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  1. Thanks Andy for taking us into account. I am yet way behind in terms of catching up with you on the content you post.


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