1. Andy,

    Congratulations! This seems like an ideal fit for your knowledge, passion, insights, communication abilities, and desire to share with the community.

    Given that I’m responsible for ensuring the ongoing success and growth of Hexawise, I keep an eye out for what commercial software testing tools are doing in the marketplace. It’s not often I find myself gobsmacked by brilliant strategic moves of tool vendors, but this shows, yet again, that Applitools has been making some ingenious moves. It was also brilliant that Applitools hired Angie Jones, and built testautomationu.com. All of these moves follow the theme of prioritizing helping the community ahead of self-promotional marketing. I love it for Applitools, love it for you, and love it for the community. Win-win-win.

    Enjoy this opportunity to make even more visible and far-reaching improvements to the community.



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